The experienced crew to help you navigate fast-moving currents of innovation.


Ahoy Capital is a boutique fund manager that scours the innovation ecosystem in search of attractive risk-adjusted returns while maintaining a high level of engagement with its Partners. 

Focusing on investments in both early-stage venture capital funds and start-up companies, Ahoy Capital seeks outstanding opportunities in the application of emerging disruptive technologies, as well as the development of nascent frontier ideas that will continue to have profound effects on the ways in which people live and work.

I see the Genius of the Modern, child of the Real and the Ideal.
— Walt Whitman

Present at the creation of the micro-VC investing movement over a decade ago, Ahoy Capital’s principals helped to catalyze some of the pioneering funds that were in the vanguard of the lean startup revolution that has forever altered entrepreneurial finance. 

As the innovation landscape continues to evolve, the Ahoy Capital team’s experience is an invaluable asset in an increasingly crowded and noisy startup market. Well-known as engaged and helpful partners, the Ahoy Capital team enjoys a strong reputation in the community that offers investors in our funds access to investments that often are not otherwise available to them. In addition, decades of experience underpin a conviction-based and concentrated approach to portfolio construction that is geared toward maximizing expected returns with appropriate levels of diversification.

Everybody in this space told me I had to talk to you. I want you involved with us.
— Matt Ocko, Data Collective Venture Capital

At the same time, Ahoy Capital’s principals prize interaction with their investors.  Seen by partners as a “bird-dog in the Valley,” Ahoy’s team offers its sophisticated investors the insights and engagement – in both formal and informal formats – that hopefully allow us to achieve our mission of “making our investors better investors.”

We are in the business of innovation
— Cliff Gilman, Managing Director