You cannot discover new lands unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
— André Gide

Ahoy Capital’s mission is to deliver outstanding returns to our investors while at the same time offering high levels of engagement and insight sharing that allows them to “become better investors.” To achieve that dual mission, Ahoy’s team continually nurtures relationships with leading venture capital fund managers and entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, we pursue a series of structured and unstructured programs that seek to give our investors differential insights into the innovation ecosystem. At the heart of our investment and engagement philosophy is a belief that size is the enemy of performance. Ahoy seeks to raise intentionally right-sized investment vehicles, as we believe fervently that overcapitalization typically results in over-diversification, also known as de-worse-ification. 

On the investing front, we seek to optimize returns by building concentrated portfolios anchored by a core group of established, top performing VC managers augmented by a vibrant cohort of dynamic emerging managers and co-investments. Having catalyzed several leading managers – dating back to the early days of the micro-VC movement – Ahoy’s principals have the experience to pursue a conviction-based investment strategy and the courage to back dynamic nascent managers and companies. The investments that populate our portfolios enjoy some form of sustainable completive advantage or leverage a fertile innovation ecosystem.

Investing is about optimizing discomfort. Great investors are unafraid of being occasionally wrong and alone in pursuit of the alpha that comes from being right and alone.
— Chris Douvos, Managing Director

Our right-sized funds also allow for considerable engagement with our investors. Always cognizant that our partners seek higher levels of intimacy with the start-up universe, we sponsor a series of formal events, such as Silicon Valley field trips and regularly-scheduled conference calls with industry mavens.